Types of Mangoes – King of the Fruits

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Published: 25th August 2011
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Fruits are favorites for everyone but if you are not fond to eating mangoes so I consider that you are not a complete fruit lover. It is easily understood that mangoes are the kings of fruits. I don’t know why but people called it king of the fruits because of their types. I want to salute him who named this fruits as a "King of Fruits".

Mangoes have unlimited qualities which make them different from other seasonal fruits. Mangoes can be found in various colors and flavors. Some basic colors of the mangoes are green, yellow, red, brown, purple and orange. I think the yellowish color of the mangoes make them visible between other seasonal fruits but all of the colors are not too highlighted so we can rate excellence to its taste. Usually, mangoes can be grown under the summer season from March to July. But, the situation varies from the weather of different parts of the world.

In summer of South Asian countries, people consider that their all dishes are useless without these mangoes. They daily use mangoes in their dishes with different varieties. Moreover, they store mangoes with their style. Dishes which are normally eaten in these countries are pudding, custard, jelly, ice cream, juices, milk shakes, spices, pickles, mango powder, marmalades, sauces and jams.

Mangoes are only fleshy stone fruits from the summer season that is why they are too popular all over the world. A survey indicates that every 2nd human being loves mango very much. Also, king cultivator of the mangoes is China but mangoes of India and Pakistan are considered best among the world. Types of Mangoes of Pakistan and India have strange names which can make you laugh for a while. Common type of mango ‘Langrra’ means ‘Limp’ and Chaunsa’ word is used instead of ‘Suck’ for another type of the mango.

Mangoes belong from the family of Mangifera. Mangifera has 69 different species from which one is mango with name Mangifera Indica. Some common types or species of mangoes are:

Haden is type of mango with green, yellow and red color with mix texture. It is in oval to round shape.

Kent is a type of Mexican mango with green and red blush color and has yellow dots on it. It is also in oval shape.

Keitt has greenish skin with red color. It is very smooth, oval and juicy Mexican type of mango.

Ataulfo is yellow and buttery type of mango with flattened oval shape.
More than 450 different varieties can easily be found under South Asia so it is understood that types of mangoes are uncountable in the world. Some common Types of Mangoes from my country are Langrra, Aman dasehri, Al-Phanso, Samr-e-bahisht, Fajri kalaan, Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol, Sindhrri, Banganpaali & neelam.

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